Monday, February 11, 2013

Mount Rainier to Make Budget Cuts

Mount Rainier's budget for FY 2014 will be approximately $350,000 less than FY 2013 due to falling property tax assessments. City Council Member Brent Bolin has pushed for a special meeting tomorrow, February 12 at 7 p.m. at City Hall, to hear about residents' budget priorities. There are going to be cuts, and this is your chance to tell the city which services are important to you.


  1. Bunker Hill asphalt between Eastern Ave and 34th Street.
    Is this in the budget to be done? How soon?

    1. That's a good question. You should ask tonight. Here is some information I have from city officials:

      "This is the only thing that’s in the pipe line that has been funded and allocated by HUD. These funds can only be used for what has been approved by HUD….i.e., (UPGRADING ADA RAMPS, REPAIR of CURBS AND GUTTERS, TRIP HAZARDS AND ASPHALT RESURFACING).

      Project Area:
      4000 Block of 36th Street
      3400-3600 Bunkerhill Road
      3400-3500 Shepherd Street
      Replace and Repair Trip Hazards in various locations throughout City &
      Approximately 20 ADA ramp upgrades at various locations in the City’s Business District"

    2. That section of Bunker Hill is being repaved by WSSC in the spring. WSSC had to dig up Bunker Hill road in the fall for utility work, and at the request of residents of the 3000 block Washington Gas is now coming in to do their own work. When Washington Gas is done WSSC will repave Bunker Hill.

      This is actually a great outcome because the road is only being torn up once instead of twice.

  2. That is right.
    Thanks for the info, Brent!