Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jack Johnson's story

The sad story of recent Prince George's County politics. It includes a quote from former Mount Rainier City Council Member Doyle L. Niemann. I hope we learn from the debacle and avoid repeating our mistakes. Any ideas why Prince George's is so corrupt?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Young Mount Rainier trees need water urgently

Last fall, the city with grant money planted 100 trees to celebrate our centennial. The Tree Commission and Public Works are struggling to keep them watered in this early 90 degree heat with no rain. If you have a new street tree near you, could you adopt it and provide a couple buckets of water this week?
If you are willing to adopt a tree, please respond to my email (bknedler@aol.com) and let me know so I can let Tree Commission and Public Works focus on other trees. Each tree needs around 10 gallons of water this week. Will need to know address of the tree that you adopt.
Much much appreciated if you can help the trees!
-Bryan Knedler