Friday, January 27, 2012

Some attention from The Washington Post

The Washington Post's Real Estate section has a short little article about Mount Rainier. Maybe it will help this part of Prince George's County join DC's apparent good fortune in housing.


  1. I live in Brookland, DC, just over the line. I like Mt. Rainier houses, they're very similar to what's over the line in DC. The issue with Mt. Rainier and PG County in general are the property taxes. I currently pay just under $2k/year on assessed value of $360k. I think the high taxes in PG County are what's holding real estate back there.

    1. That's interesting, Ward 5 Resident. When we were house hunting a couple of years ago we considered Brookland and Woodridge, too. We calculated that even including the (much) higher taxes, home prices were lower across the line in Maryland. Maybe there's more cachet to a DC address than a PG County one.