Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Time gardening in Mount Rainier, part one

I've decided as an "urban farmer" to posts some entries to this MR city blog from my ongoing garden journal so that others might benefit (or not ;-) from my adventures in tilling city soil to get food and flowers to the table. Since I am far away from my journal I shall just say that the weather currently is in the 40's, some rain, soil temp about 50 degrees. I decided to start my "cool-weather" garden early this year so believe it or not I planted peas and spinach at the end of February (spinach is peeking up but the peas are not). It is the great experiment to see if I can extend my garden without having to invest in hoop houses and cold frames.

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  1. I tried to post this comment before with no luck, let's see if it works this time: I've read that urban farming can be tricky -- particularly in areas with older homes where lead paint and other toxins might be present -- because the lead and other bad stuff can be absorbed into the produce. What do you do or can one do to get around that?